Fargo Collection of Local Products available at Minn Dak Market

$199.99 Fargo North Dakota Gift Box

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With a wide variety of items in this collection sometimes its hard to choose. So why not leave it up to the experts! We will create a gift pack just for you using items from the collection with a value over $225.00. A perfect way to get all of the local favorites without having to make the tough decisions and choose the items yourself. We have you covered.

  • Each pack features Big Deck Barbecue
  • Slushy Mix from Wagnors Wagon
  • Candied Nuts from Perfectly Nuts
  • Puppy Chow from Charlies Chow
  • Jumbo's Sauce
  • CJ's All Terrain Seasoning
  • Salsa from Wildmoon Salsa
  • Honey from Three Bears


Ship from Fargo all over the country.  From New York City to Washington DC and from Mesa, Arizona to Palm Springs, California, this is the go to gift pack.