Boston's Pizza

With over 400 locations across the country Boston's Pizza is a well-known brand serving up some delicious pizza. When the company opened a location in West Fargo locals began to flock there to eat pizza and cheer on their favorite teams and it's been a pizza stronghold ever since. Shoutout to the amazing servers as our team has friends who work there. 

Pizza   Rating
Ultimate Pepperoni  74/90
Custom Built (Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Green Peppers, Mushrooms) 69/90
Classic Pepperoni 
Barbecue Chicken
Five Cheese
Hawaiian BBQ
The Flying Buffalo
Florentine Pizza
Mama Meata
Chicken Spinach & Artichoke Thin Crust
Pepperoni & Feta Thin Crust
NY White Thin Crust
Spicy Chicken Pesto Thin Crust 
Margherita Thin Crust